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About HCSB

HCSB bv is a modern company with years of billiards industry experience. Producing and distributing high quality billiards products, HCSB looks to provide billiard champions, professionals and enthusiasts with nothing but the best. 

Our brands include Molinari, Gabriels, Dynaspheres, NovaRossi and Vector Cushion Tech. Through these brands HCSB constantly aims for innovation and development of new technologies in the field of billiards.

HCSB-business is conducted from the headquarters in Ranst, Belgium.

Our brands

Gabriels Billiards

When excellence meets design

René Gabriels, one of the great balk-line players of his time, founded Gabriels Biljarts in 1932. He started manufacturing carom tables in a small factory in the middle of the city of Antwerp, Belgium and quickly gained a reputation as the manufacturer of high-end carom tables and exported his products worldwide.

In 1991 Gabriels Billiards opened up a state-of-the-art factory in Kapellen, Belgium and in 2004 Loontjens Biljarts acquired the brand. This new ownership allowed Gabriels Biljarts to grow substantially.

Rafale is the latest Gabriels carom table and was introduced in 2017 at the World Championship 3-cushion in Bolivia. The world record team average 3-cushion was sharpened in 2018 on the Gabriels Rafale.

Molinari cues

excellence is not a skill, it's an attitude

Molinari Cues was introduced in 2013 as a new cue brand in carom, engineered by Predator, the world class brand in pool cues.

In only a few years time, Molinari has conquered the carom world and set some impressive results, including two individual world titles, two team world titles and many world cup medals.

Molinari’s top designs, combined with Predator’s widely renowned P3 and C4+ technology, have been embraced by thousands of players worldwide.

And not only are the Molinari cues widely popular. The continuously extending range of top quality accessories, like gloves, extensions, chalk and grips, is also increasingly popular.

In 1991 Gabriels Billiards opened up a state-of-the-art factory in Kapellen, Belgium and in 2004 Loontjens Biljarts acquired the brand. This new ownership allowed Gabriels Biljarts to grow substantially.

Unique design

Molinari designs are unique, refreshing and stand out above the rest.

Best Technology

Combined with Predator's world class low deflection technology, Molinari is truly a high end product.

World class players

Some of the world's best players play with a Molinari cue, including world champions Torbjörn Blomdahl and Sung-Won Choi.

Various Accessories

Next to the range of cues, Molinari also has all necessary accessories to ensure the player's top performance.

“A dream piece of equipment for 3C-billiards, a game where applying often extreme amounts of sidespins is of capital importance to success. This cue makes a difficult game less stressful, easier to learn and more fun to play than any other carom cue ever produced. You owe it to yourself to try this groundbreaking product!”

Torbjörn Blomdahl

About his Molinari cue

NovaRossi cues

Extend yourself

The Molinari Team is proud to present a new mid-range cue brand: NovaRossi. The starting range contains four series, making high quality cues accessable for anyone.  

NovaRossi combines modern technology with ancient mythology in its design with the cue series Satyr, Centaur, Manticore and Phoenix. Along with accessories like the NovaRossi gloves, bags and bumper, the NovaRossi cue truly is an extension of the player.

Mythical design

NovaRossi design combines modern technology with ancient mythology.

Mid-range class

High quality combined with sharp pricing makes NovaRossi the perfect choice for mid-range cues.

Various accessories

NovaRossi gloves, bags and bumpers ensure that carom players can truly extend themselves.

'NovaRossi hero'

Brand ambassador Dave Christiani conquers all billiard challenges with his NovaRossi Satyr.

Vector Cushion Tech

For carom, pool, chinese 8-ball and snooker

Once a billiards table has been installed, you never see it, there is no maintenance required and still players demand a constant high performance for years to come from a single item: the cushion rubber. It is one of the most important parts of any billiards table and there is little knowledge  on how it works exactly or what makes the difference between brands.  Through constant testing at World Cup tournaments and World Championships and in cooperation with Klematch, we have developed a rubber-cushion which has superior characteristics and a longer lifespan. 

The end result? Vector Cushion Tech.

Vector is a product of



Dynaspheres was created in 2010 as a project to develop a brand of Phenolic Resin Balls which could compete with the only known manufacturer at that time. All Dynaspheres products are known for their exceptional quality:

* Extremely smooth surface which makes sure chalk and other contaminants can be easily removed, without leaving any “shadowing” of the contaminants, which is typical for other Phenolic resin balls.

* Less “bad contacts” or “Buttages”

* Whereas other brands charge extra for selected sets with minimal weight-differences, we at Dynaspheres feel this should be “standard issue”; the maximum weight – deviation within 1 set is 1,5 gram/ball over our complete range

* Very strict tolerances, which are the most stringent in the industry.

* Belgian Design, Belgian Quality Control, Belgian Distribution, Belgian Customer Service!


Rotor design

New & fresh designs with a "Rotor" spot as characteristic.


54 test will be performed to ensure perfection. The complete process from start to finish takes 23 days.


We have the best ambassadors who promote our brand and products worldwide.

Extensive range

We offer an extensive range of products with products in Pool, Carom, Bumper Pool and Snooker.